Disney + Sketchbook

“You’ve got 15,000 bad drawings in you, and the sooner you get them out, the better”

The Request

Disney+ wanted to produce a virtual event that social media influencers could attend to highlight the launch of the new Disney+ series, “Sketchbook” where guests could interact and learn how to sketch Disney characters in a virtual classroom setting led by a Disney artist. They wanted the event to be live, and for multiple camera angles to be broadcast seamlessly during the event.

Photo from Disney + Sketchbook

The Solution

The Topnotch team created a custom experience by building a broadcast studio onsite at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank California. We streamed to and managed a Zoom room for the audience to gather and watch as our three camera angles guided their drawing. By executing a hybrid event with on-site talent and a remote audience, the event was able to capitalize on the success of virtual events without sacrificing quality. Our team took care of all aspects of the production, ensuring that the scene was set, lights were bright and sound was crisp.