The Request

Oasis was looking for help with the broadcasting, remote recording, and production management, for a virtual variety show and fundraiser for the Ali Forney Center in New York.

The Solution

In order to tackle this hybrid event we handled all live-production components garnished with branded logos and graphics throughout, while at the same time project managing all remote recordings and video editing. We ensured a smooth and engaging production by having our team project manage all live talent, integrated video playback and provided switch video to create a seamless flow for the fundraiser.

“I was recently hired to curate and direct a big virtual variety-show fundraiser, to benefit the Ali Forney Center. As happens with charity events, we are often tossed together with collaborators not of our choosing and of which we know very little, in terms of strengths and abilities. In addition, we are all negotiating the needs of the project while working full-time on many others. Happily, however, I was paired with Topnotch Virtual, as production managers and editors. Jonah and Harley are very smart, organized, and gifted fellows; I was easily able to weather the whims and ever-changing elements from our ‘many cooks’ and weave them into a cohesive whole, in great part due to their crafty skills and accessibility. I quickly developed a symbiotic working relationship with them; they anticipate needs and, also, offer tangible advice in tense and crucial moments, palpably helping us to succeed. As well, they easily shift and adapt to what comes, not taking anything personally, but rather rising to each occasion with professionalism and great humor. I am looking forward to working a great deal more with my new friends and colleagues. And I am sure others will benefit greatly from engaging them for their projects.”

Alan Souza, Director