Savannah Film Festival

The Request

The Savannah Film Festival needed help transitioning four of the festivals in-person panels over to the digital space. This change from in-person to remote would then be broadcast live out to attendees.

The Solution

To match the aesthetic and reputation of the festival we managed a-list talent across all four panels and implemented branded logos and graphics throughout. To keep the audience engaged we displayed interchanging speaker vantage points that followed the conversation in real time. In order to provide clarity and context for their viewers we placed panelist’s names and their films on their individual video as they were speaking. This resulted in a discussion that felt organic and elevated.

If Topnotch did not already have that name, I would suggest it. It was a pleasure working with Topnotch on a large panel that I moderated for the Savannah Film Festival — their product is second to none, and their entire team is pleasant, professional and responsive to questions and concerns, even with ten panelists and a moderator based all around the world. The next-best thing to gathering in-person is gathering with Topnotch.

Scott Feinberg, Hollywood Reporter